BitterWeber: Live like this!

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LIVE LIKE THIS! traces Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber’s long-term engagement with the processes restructuring the city into this uneven landscape of neoliberal spaces, national spaces, and self-organized communities. This creative destruction of cities, and the creative resistances it produces, are represented both coolly and analytically in Bitter and Weber’s works, mediated through the rationalizing optics and perspectives of architecture and photography and artistic practices more broadly. But it is more accurate and acute to say that the projects in LIVE LIKE THIS! represent the sites where the global project of neoliberalism hits localized and nationalized contexts and is either absorbed into the culturally and place-specific contexts of Europe, North America, and South America or is met with forms of living, organizing, and dwelling that reject or confound the market-driven policies and atomizing effects of the neoliberalization of urban space. With the aid of precisely constructed images as interventions into circumstances of representation, they investigate the changes arising from social conflicts and contradictions of modernism as they collide with contemporary forms of globalisation.