To Bring Life To Architecture

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Urban Subjects´ contribution to the exhibition Some Wooly Buzz at Publications Studio Vancouver. December 13, 2013 to February 15, 2014.

The series of prints are based on Bernard Tschumi´s series of “Advertisements for Architecture” from 1976-1977, remade and remodelled for Vancouver 2014.

#1 To bring life to architecture you may have to bring love into architecture.
Architecture is defined by how it is lived in more than the life of the building. Life in the city differs from the love of a building in the same way that life of a street differs from love in the street. Constantly.

#2 The most natural thing about architecture is that somebody made it.
Architecture can’t negate nature, but nature can negate architecture. When it negates itself as property, it transgresses a limitation. Spectacularly.

#3 Speculation has been known to overcome even the most sensuous of buildings.
Space is seductive when it is filled with experience. Architecture is an erotic act when bodies push it to excess. Simultaneously.

Prints are available at Publication Studio.