herbst Academy 2014 workshop 1

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Researching the Militant Image
By Urban Subjects (AT/CA) (Sabine Bitter, Jeff Derksen, Helmut Weber) & guests

Thu 09/10 & Fri 10/10
English language

How can we conceive the role of images as a moment of participation in forms of militancy today? Mass media and art are filled with images of protest and revolt. But an image of militancy is not necessarily a militant image. Just as militancy itself constitutes a social relationship that must be shared continually in order to be unleashed, so must militant images also emotionally short-circuit representation and politics, community and action.
The Canadian-Austrian research collective Urban Subjects is co-curator of the Camera Austria exhibition “The Militant Image”. The workshop discusses artistic contributions, texts, films and also their discursive foundations. The debate involving further guests will address the ramified tracks of militant research, postcolonial film production and current debates about poor images and migrant images.

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