Where Neither the Public Nor The Intimate Find Their Place

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The photographic/text Ascii-print draws its title, “Where Neither the Public Nor The Intimate Find Their Place”, from Lefebvre’s work. This image of a 1970s aerial view of New Belgrad is constructed through a grey scale of ASCII characters and the entirety of Lefebvre’s text regarding self-organization and New Belgrade.

The context of “Where Neither The Public Nor The Intimate Find Their Place” is not only architecture, urban planning, and the particular city space of New Belgrade, but also the visual practices that produce the concepts of these spaces. To focus on the processes of appropriation and reterritorialisation of public, institutional, or private spaces – as well as the loss and reclamation of commonly shared spaces —calls for a critical visual reworking of the processes which produce space as well as scopic regimes and ideologies of representation. In our work, we set spaces of representation into relation with the representation of spaces. In Henri Lefèbvre´s words: “The ‘real’ sociological object in this case is the image and – above all – ideology.”